Day makeup

Most women use makeup daily to conceal skin imperfections and achieve a more luminous look.
A perfect foundation is essential to day makeup or good makeup in general. For day makeup, neutral shades in their classic sense are typically used to enhance a woman's look and highlight her natural beauty. On the other hand, a bright shade of lipstick with neutral makeup can be the perfect finishing touch.

Evening makeup

A perfect foundation is key to achieving best results. One of the differences between day and evening makeup is contouring. With evening makeup, the contours of the face are more accentuated and bolder shades are used. Don't be afraid to use colour on the eyes and lips. The end result is of course dictated by the style of the event as well as the outfit and accessories.

Wedding makeup

Proper preparation is everything when it comes to achieving best results. It is necessary to have sufficient time to discuss with the bride her expectations, everyday makeup style and of course her outfit and accessories. When it comes to this important day, you cannot have any details come to light at the last minute or on the spot. This is why I always recommend doing a makeup trial which also ensures better mutual understanding. Bridal makeup is different from both day and evening makeup.  It should look natural and luminous, be long-lasting, and really highlight your natural beauty. At the same time it must be expressive enough so that none of the details are lost in photos.

Photoshoot makeup

Makeup for photoshoots is similar to evening makeup. It features powerful tones and bold colours with particular emphasis on contouring. However, photos can often distort colours, which is something to take into account when choosing shades. Photos also "swallow" about fifty percent of the makeup.


Courses are individual or for small groups. In both cases the courses focus on one or several makeup styles. Both the duration and the structure of the course depend on the client's specific preferences. The course is largely practical, and I will explain the different stages of makeup and give advice on various shades and products.


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